Rebecca Zeng

Hello, it's nice to meet you!

I'm currently studying computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Some things I enjoy doing are: working to serve under-resourced/underrepresented students, learning new things, and creating aesthetic study pictures.

Contact me!

rebeccazeng [at]


UC Berkeley Academic Intern

As a CS61A/CS61BL academic intern and one-on-one tutor, I have taught for over 100 hours for introductory computer science courses. Make an appointment by emailing me!


Relevant Coursework

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS61A), Data Structures and Algorithms (CS61B), Introduction to Teaching Computer Science (CS370), Linear Algebra and Circuits I and II (EE16A, EE16B)


feelsbot Developer

feelsbot - created a chatbot as part of a three-person hackathon team. I connected data collection and analysis between the Vision API and the webcam in order to send information for further backend processing, and created the UI using the Pygram library and file management modules.